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Hi there! My name is Sebastian! I am really glad to see you here.

Do you ask yourself the following questions;

Why my drumming feels so heavy and difficult?

What do I need to learn to get a useful level in drumming?

Do I have enough talent to get good at it?

Where do other people get their time from to practice?

How do I get more variations in my playing?


If yes, than you are at the the right place. I can assure you that you can get wherever you want with your drumming. All you have to do is to relax and take your time. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner, a semi – pro or somebody that does it only for a hobby out of garage/music room. We all deal with the same questions every day. No matter what level you are.


Your time is most precious.

Maybe you are a teenager having a dream to play big arenas in the world or being in your twenties having your first job and a band that you want to break through with or  you are in the middle age working, having family and running house together with your partner. Whatever you do, the fact is that day has only 24 hours. If we want to explore and learn things effectively, great option is to get knowledge from the others that walked this path before and got the results. Others that be willing to help by showing you the way to achieve things and inspire to get wherever you want.  All based on their lifelong experience of trial and error.


Here is your advantage of being here at the Single Stroke!

First of all you will learn to enjoy your practice without having the feeling of being intimidated or feeling hustled.

You will get help to specify your goals.

You will learn to develop your own taste and musical personality.

You will find the best way to achieve your goals that will fit you and your busy life.

Your goals will turn to bold and systematic directions.

You will be working on your focus by solving your drum issues without any distraction.


This is what most people nowadays do, when struggling with a problem; men goes on internet, searching around and tries to find eventually something that is more or less what they were looking for. Great!I love internet!  But…

There is chance to find what you are looking for but very often, instead of getting one single answer you realise that there is sooooo much more to learn!!

That makes you feel even more distracted and confused.

There is so much information out there!! The chance to lose your focus is pretty big.

It is very important to know what you need to know. You need to develop your own system that will be your problem solver. This can be achieved on each level of playing.


I’ve created a special guide that will help you to get started with all mentioned above. It is free for all Single Stroke subscribers.


The secret of becoming a better player

I guess this is what you want; get to a higher level of playing.

Good news – it is possible!

As long as you keep it steady and simple.

It is great to have these easy steps – steady and simple –  to keep in mind while approaching any problem.

My subscribers already are booking results getting instructions from this free guide worth twenty five years making mistakes as a pro player and teacher.

If you are somebody that wants to concentrate on a right stuff and not to reinvent a wheel before you get anywhere than this guide is definitely right for you.

Enjoy the process instead of feeling overwhelmed

How much fun is it if you get more energy from getting better at drums instead feeling hopeless and fed up with little to no results?

There is no higher power to achieve this. The higher power is actually you and the right mindset. That is it!

There are lots of different factors that you come across while trying to get better player. Is it your busy time schedule  or maybe you think you have not enough talent to get there. These all are mind barriers, exactly the same barriers that give you a feeling of being overwhelmed. Get rid of them as fast as possible!


Ready to go for it? Get this free guide and start enjoying your playing more than ever!


Sebastian Demydczuk

My musical adventure went always side by side as a performer and teacher. As I was fortunate to start my drumming career as a teenager having a kick ass band with very talented fellow musicians. I almost parallel had people asking me for lessons. I loved it! I loved the idea that I could help and I did! My first student after a period of time getting lessons and practising to get better got accepted to a music school on classical percussion department. That felt great for both of us! Nowadays he is amazing player living somewhere in London, England.

 The reason I was able to help was that I had a great teacher too. It is crazy that whenever I see my first teacher and tell him that he won’t take it serious. This because he wasn’t the greatest performer himself but what he had was more unique than that; he had an ability to inspire, help me to map out the path that I had to discover for myself, learn discipline and  be there for me whenever I needed him! But most of all, what he didn’t do was act like a being an expert. That gave me the feeling of reality that some things I had to figure out on my own. I guess this was the greatest lesson I’ve learned in my private and a career life.

 Another moment that confirmed this statement of being your own expert was while studying in New York. There were a few of a great teachers there! One day I asked one of them to help me out with this certain rhythm and the way I thought it should be played – it was about a groove I’ve heard on a record I wanted to recreate. He said to me; “Sebastian, always trust your logic!”. And I did!

After that I developed a way learning on stage as from my students and until this day this is where I get the most. The biggest learning moment with my students every time is by discovering their routine of how to develop! If the routine is working than every performing moment feels like a desert.

By doing this for more or less 25 years with trial and error I was able to figure out the most optimal way of teaching the right things that all my students can profit and get the most optimal results.

After all life for me is about people, loving and sharing; if there is anything to share. In my case it is drums and music!